"Visions of Collisions" Now Available on iTunes

We're pleased to announce:

"Visions of Collisions is now available on iTunes

"The disc’s first three tracks — the gentle, dreamy opener Apsidal Procession, the more involved Sand Piper, the folky but urgent Lay Of The Land — are cut from similar cloth, even if each came from a different composer. Slow, moody and more minor-key than major, they constitute the CD’s persuasive, pastoral first act." - Peter Hum (The Ottawa Citizen)

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Visions of Collisions - CD Release Tour

In January 2013, Tesseract was back in the studio to record "Visions of Collisions", their second full-length album. Working with recording engineer Brandon Wells, the quintet spent two days in Montreal - recording the entire album at McGill University’s state of the art studio. 

 Following up on their debut album “Impossible Images” (2012), Tesseract present this brand new CD release. Featuring a more cohesive, yet equally energetic set of music, the band displays its recent growth in a confident and unified sound. Be the first to grab a copy on the "Visions of Collisions" CD Release Tour:

TORONTO: Wed, Nov 13th @ 9:30 pm - The Rex Hotel (www.therex.ca)

WATERLOO: Fri, Nov 15th @ 8:30 pm - Jazz Room (www.kwjazzroom.com)

 OTTAWA: Sat, Nov 16th @ 8 pm - Brook Street Hotel (www.brookstreet.ca)

Hope to see you in November !!!


 “...expect some poised and expressive saxophone work from alto player Edwin Sheard and tenor player Leland Whitty, eclectic beyond-jazz sounds from guitarist Patrick O’Reilly, and a solid foundation from bassist Julian Anderson-Bowes and drummer Derek Gray.” (Peter Hum - Ottawa Citizen)

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